Broadway: The Last Mile share offer closes in style

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway near Greet Tunnel
Gloucesteshire Warwickshire Railway share scheme finishes £80,000 ahead of budget
Published Tue, 2017-05-16 17:07

Members of the volunteer-run Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway are celebrating a record that has been smashed with considerable style.




© Gareth James

The railway's 'Broadway: The Last Mile' share offer hasn't just met its £1.25 million target – now that the accounts are finalised the railway can confirm that it has beaten it by more than £80,000, raising £1,330,500 by the offer closing date of 30th April!

This is a remarkable achievement that, as volunteer finance director Chris Bristow explains, underlines how much local people, as well as enthusiasts, want to see trains serving Broadway again after a gap of nearly 60 years.

“When our president Pete Waterman blew the whistle to set the Share Offer on its journey last April, we all hoped that we could meet our frankly ambitious target.

“Now, I'm truly humbled by the generosity of so many people,” he says.

“We passed our target with four weeks to spare.  In railway parlance, we have completed our journey well ahead of schedule! 

Much remains to be done on this ambitious project, not least of which is significant civil engineering works on the high embankment between Childswickham Road and Station Road at Broadway.  This embankment was constructed over a land with a shallow water table so over the years, it has gradually been moving and repaired by both the Great Western and British Railways on a 'make do and mend' basis.

Although the special Broadway: The Last Mile share offer has now closed, the railway's ordinary share offer remains open and share purchases of a minimum of £50 are welcome.