West Coast Railways step in on the Lakes Line

West Coast Railway Diesel Loco
Northern service suspension after timetable row results in diesel replacement service
Published Tue, 2018-06-19 14:36

A heritage rail company used to serve tourist routes in the lake district has stepped in to provide passenger services on a line in the lake district recently cut off due to timetabling disputes.




West Coast Railway Diesel Loco © Creative COmmons Licence

Two 1960s-built diesel locomotives stepped in yesterday to carry passengers into the heart of the Lake District for the first time in two weeks, since the timetable chaos started with usual operator Northern Rail. The Department of Transport has agreed to fund the service, meeting the £5,500 daily cost of running the service, which will be running free of charge after Northern Rail scrapped its regular services.

New timetables were introduced across England on May 20 which has resulted in chaos in the North and Southeast of England over the past month, with Northern Rail suspending its Lakes Line service as part of an emergency timetable causing massive disruption to residents, tourists and businesses alike.

A 40-year-old diesel engine and carriages will be carrying passengers free of charge along the 10-mile route from Oxenholme to Windermere six times a day, from 9.25am to 7pm. It is understood that the Department for Transport will meet the £5,500 daily cost of running the service.

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