Welsh station building relocated to Dean Forest Railway

Former Griffithstown railway station, from the road
Dean Forest Railway successful in their bid to move Victorian Griffithstown station to Gloucestershire.
Published Tue, 2016-03-29 10:05

A historic Welsh railway station building will be relocated to the Dean Forest Railway.




Former Griffithstown railway station, from the road © Christine Johnstone - Creative Commons Licence

Torfaen council has approved the relocation of Victorian-built Griffithstown station, which closed in 1962, to be reused on the 6.8-kilometre Gloucestershire railway.

The decision marks the end of a four-year battle over the building, which formerly housed a railway museum before it closed in 2011.

Dean Forest Railway lodged a bid for the building in 2012, as part of a £20,000 project to extend the northern section of the railway, which runs between Lydney Junction and Parkend.

The project came under fire from locals initially, who lobbied the council to preserve the station’s historical importance.

Further delays gave rise to a rival bid to turn the building into a café, but ultimately the council decided to permit the relocation of the building under the proviso that it remain used for railway purposes.

A timeframe for the move is yet to be set.

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